Chic vintage antique furniture and stylish accessories for the home and garden in Eastbourne

The fabulous vintage furniture, interesting antique finds and new design ideas that we make on our travels, result in Barley Sugar being just as intriguing for grown-ups as it is for the children. We are constantly discovering hoards of wonderful vintage, antique (and some new) items that we know will grace most contemporary family homes, so you never quite know what you’ll find each time you visit the shop in Eastbourne. As you will appreciate though, the vintage items are full of character and are very likely to show signs of their vibrant past, but we feel that this is what makes them all so special and desirable.

These are some of the items you might currently find our East Sussex shop, but if you don’t see anything that inspires you, please let us know as we have lots more and can always keep an eye out for you!