Barley Sugar

Put a twist on your event in Eastbourne and treat your guests to some spectacular nibbles

Barley Sugar is no stranger to high quality ingredients, as our Eastbourne delicatessen is full to the brim with exciting things to eat. We also have a team of local producers making delicious things for the shop and kitchen on a daily basis, as well as all of the wonderful things that are part of our normal offering. This means that we are able to offer sandwiches, canapés and nibbles that other local caterers are unable to even consider. We are also renowned throughout the local area for our high quality ingredients, as well as our terrific presentation and attention to detail.

From a business meeting, office party or product launch, a small dinner party or pre-dinner nibbles to a spectacular wedding cheese cake, Barley Sugar really is the perfect choice if you have a small event that needs something a little special or refined and you want to impress your guests.